anagram passwordlist generator (APG)

The anagram passwordlist generator is a Python script which generates password list out of other wordlists.

Imagine you know 7 or 8 characters out of a 10 or 12 char password. To bruteforce it by trying every kombination will last a long time.
Also trying a huge wordlist against a system isn’t done fast.

So imagine you know these characters: Start APG give it your wordlist and your known characters and it creates a new wordlist with only these words which has your chars.
You can also specify:

  • give me all words with 20 chars that contains “foobar”

Maybe you know that movie scene from “National Treasure” where Nicolas Cage know some chars of the password and his helper starts a program that lists all combinations.
Nearly this but not with all (non-sens) combination but rather with all combinations a dictionary contains. That’s APG. programed

Getting interested?
Just try it. This is how you get it:

chmod +x apg

Thats it.

The program will ask you first whether you want to make a file or just display the output.
If you choose file you have to enter the path to the output file, like:


next you have to input your original wordlist:


then specify your known characters and how much characters the searched words should have, like:

Please input your knowen characters:

The word has how many letters?

Now APG will search all words that contains the letters “foobar” and have no more than 8 chars.

Hope you enjoy.
Feedback and feature requests are welcome!

BTW you can also solve anagram riddles with it ;)

Cheers hardez

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